Check engine light close-up

Tips & Best Practices for Taking Care of Your Vehicle’s Engine

How to Keep Your Vehicle’s Engine from Overheating

The engine is one of the most critical components of a vehicle, which is why it’s so important for drivers to take care of it through proper maintenance. Wondering how to keep your vehicle’s engine from overheating? Below, we’ve put together a list of tips and best practices to help drivers take care of their vehicle’s engine.

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2021 Toyota Camry parked on a city street

Find Used Toyota Vehicles for Sale in Tacoma, WA

Shop for Used Toyota Vehicles in the Tacoma, WA Area

Toyota vehicles are popular with many pre-owned vehicle shoppers because of their longevity, practicality and accessibility compared to other models. Interested in shopping for used Toyota vehicles in the Tacoma, WA area? Below, we’ve put together all the information that car shoppers should know about shopping for a pre-owned Toyota Vehicle at Motors Northwest.

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Close-up on a vehicle's brake

Common Warning Signs of Vehicle Brake Failure

How Can Drivers Tell If Their Vehicle’s Brakes Are Going Bad?

While every type of vehicle maintenance is important, the health of your vehicle’s brakes should always be near the top of the list in terms of priority. How can drivers tell if their vehicle’s brakes are going bad? Learn more about the common warning signs of vehicle brake failure and when to take your vehicle in for service down below.

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